Voters to Decide on PAB on November 5, 2019!

Rochester voters will decide whether to establish a Police Accountability Board on November 5, 2019. Rochester's City Council approved putting PAB legislation on the ballot in May. Due to the Rochester City Charter, the PAB must be passed through a referendum.

We need volunteers to canvass voters, phone bank, and get out the vote. If you are interested in helping out with the PAB referendum campaign please email us at

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Read the legislation that will be up for vote here: City Council's PAB Legislation

Let your neighbors know about the PAB, hand out these flyers: PAB Referendum Flyer

Informe a sus vecinos, mire este folleto: Folleto sobre la responsabilidad policial

The City of Rochester fails to hold police officers accountable for misconduct and brutality. Between 2001 and 2016, citizens filed 923 allegations of excessive force against the RPD. The Chief of Police, who has the sole power to discipline officers, only sustained 16 of these allegations. The Chief of Police cannot be expected to investigate, evaluate, and discipline police officers. This is a clear conflict of interest. Between 2002 and 2016, only 13 allegations led to discipline.. The harshest discipline was 6 suspensions for sustained allegations of use of force. None were fired. Police misconduct will continue unless this broken system is replaced with an independent system that serves the interests of the people of Rochester, not just the RPD.

A coalition of community organizations came together in 2017 and proposed a Police Accountability Board (PAB) to replace the current broken system. The proposed PAB would be a civilian-led oversight board that is rooted in five essential pillars:

  • An independent agency of city government, separate from RPD
  • The power to independently investigate complaints of police misconduct
  • Subpoena power to compel the production of evidence and witnesses
  • Disciplinary power
  • The power to review and evaluate RPD patterns, practices, policies and procedures to recommend systemic changes and to prevent misconduct from happening in the first place.

In addition to the five pillars, sufficient funding is required so that complaints of misconduct are resolved efficiently and effectively in 90 days. To handle the volume of complaints that are filed in Rochester, the PAB will require a funding equal to 1% of RPD’s budget, one million dollars, a reasonable cost of true accountability, and an investment which will result in far fewer costly lawsuits against the city involving excessive force.

The majority of the board members of the PAB would be nominated by a coalition of the Rochester community organizations called the Police Accountability Board Alliance. The Alliance removes the conflict of interest and replaces it with a civilian-led oversight system, empowering the communities that have had no direct control over how they are policed for far too long.

Intro to PAB

Read this short explainer about the problem with police accountability in Rochester and our solution.

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Read PAB Ordinance

Read the proposed ordinance presented to City Council that can establish the PAB in Rochester.

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Donate to the #PABnow campaign. Your funds will help with this grassroots effort.

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Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with the PAB:

To connect with the PAB Alliance, please contact us at


Saturday Sept. 14
Group Canvassing and Phone Banking1:00 pm461 Webster Ave.
Saturday Sept. 21
Group Canvassing and Phone Banking1:00 pm461 Webster Ave.
Saturday Sept. 28
Group Canvassing and Phone Banking1:00 pm461 Webster Ave.

The Alliance

The Police Accountability Board Alliance is a coalition of over 50 community organizations united to hold the police accountable in Rochester. The Alliance brings a diversity of perspectives and expertise to the shared struggle for police accountability. The City fails to hold police accountable largely because of the lack of community control over the police oversight system. The Alliance strives to change this paradigm by giving the community the power to review police misconduct and discipline officers.

One major function of the Alliance is to lead the campaign for establishing a Police Accountability Board (PAB). The Alliance has used public forums and demonstrations to increase public awareness. Police accountability is popular in Rochester and it is the mission of the Alliance to empower the community to move the PAB forward. Ultimately it is up to City Council to pass the PAB with 5 essential pillars.

The bylaws for the PAB Alliance, which includes information about functions and procedures of the Alliance, can be found here.

If you or an organization are interested in joining the PAB Alliance, please contact us and fill out this application: PAB Alliance application